Here is our customer feedback:

Divanotti launched into a successful brand. Out of the successful collaboration with Breil+ in 2012 we decided to launch additional brands at our point of sale. Breil+ developed store designs for the brands “Roomers”, “Wohnwert” and “Love it”.

Sonja Krieger, CEO
KHG part of Höffner Group, Berlin



We were very excited by the work of Breil+. With their fresh ideas, they convinced us that we were able to implement within our budget and through an effective and well managed workflow. We recommend partnership with Breil+.

Dr. Thomas Dielmann, owner and CEO
Dielmann Schuhe, Darmstadt

Breil+ has developed areas of brand identity, graphic design, store design, project management and implementation. We were struck by their implementation. The Breil+ way of thinking and executing was always holistic and far reaching. They constantly worked with passion and determination. We recommend co-operation with Breil+.

Gerhardine Müller-Meinhard Cardoso and Eva Müller-Meinhard
Gerhard Bruns GmbH & Co. KG, Oldenburg



Breil+ way of thinking and executing had always been holistic and far reaching. Different perspectives enriched the process, and the design team constantly worked with passion and determination. We are very pleased with their innovative approach and attention to detail, which has helped us to rejuvenate our brand.

Andrej Gvozdevskiy, First Deputy General Director
Angstrem Furniture, Voronezh, Russia

Breil+’s engagement and successful collaborations have been awarded the Design Award Chicago, 2011, “Good Design” as well as “AIT (ISSA)” – for best Corporate Design, and the award for “Das Gute Handwerk, 2012” (good craftsmanship). They have also been nominated for the “Designpreis Deutschland, 2012” (design prize Germany). We fully recommend Breil+ and wish their team challenging and interesting future projects.

Jörg Alexander Schmitt, former CEO of Sons & Daughters and present-day Head of Retail CBR Group, Celle


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