Project Description

Storytelling at Ludwig Beck’s new stationery department

A scissors. A fountain pen. A fire extinguisher. Oversized and three-dimensional. Anyone who rides up the escalator of the Munich department store on Marienplatz knows immediately where they are: with Ludwig Beck in the new “House of Paper”. A large-scale video animation in collaboration with We are Video, Ludwig Beck and Breil+ is one of the highlights of the newly designed 550 square meter stationery department. Artistic icons from the world of paper tell a story about the tradition of writing, designing and creating with ink, paper and cardboard.

The journey to a paper workshop continues in the departments: industrial style meets naturalness. Straightforward modern and homely. This is achieved with elements made of warm maple wood in combination with elegant grey. The orientation system made of black steel and concrete. The department’s colors are muted so that the colorful world of paper can have an effect. A blue-green and an olive-green form a small color accent.

The restrained architecture subtly incorporates metaphors from a paper workshop. A stylishly interpreted tool table for workshops on the subject of paper adapts clamps, threaded rods as well as paper presses and threaded screws. The checkout counter also takes up elements of a paper workshop: it embodies a table for archiving drawings. Wall designs with themes related to writing are shown on Fermacell and in the rastered, typical screen print. The fact that the department’s brand signs are attached with a clip is another lovely detail and a continuation of the main design theme.

Project Details