Project Description

Ludwig Beck trouser department

The last part of the conversion at Ludwig Beck is the trouser department. The idea: the pants are the star, the department is the stage. The largest in terms of design Challenge, as only trousers are shown in the warning presentation. Brands like Brax, MAC, Cambio etc. are presented in a varied way and in different interiors. The color blue is also found here, but in muted, reserved nuances. Each brand or type of trousers is given an individual presentation, but always in the design signature of LUDWIG BECK and in an overriding color and material concept. The back walls are bathed in color gradients, a table with specially developed integrated lighting puts the trousers in the right light. On another surface, a metal construction stretches across the wall and ceiling and suggests the shape of a cage that separates the brand from the others. Further highlights are an area with terrazzo walls and an integrated light element. The central space in this area is cool and metallic and reflects the value of the goods segment. For the jeans department, the Breil+ graphics team designed a tie dye graphic that was printed on felt. A symbiosis of internationality and modern staging at the highest level. creative and contemporary store design at the highest level.

Concept & realisation:

Breil+ Interior Design, Hamburg


Ladenbau: Lauinger Ladenbau, Bopfingen
Raumausstattung: Raumausstattung Buchele
Boden: Bolidt B.V. Rotterdam

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